Wires in walls

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Conductors in walls can only in installed in a raceway or in sheathing (like Romex or MC cable) which are approved methods not using a raceway .


  1. Electrical conductors being installed in an approved wiring method:

According to the California Electrical Code (CEC), “conductors shall be installed in a manner that ensures that the conductors will not be damaged by normal building use” (CEC 310.10). Additionally, the CEC allows for the use of electrical conductors in various types of electrical installations as long as they are installed in compliance with CEC requirements.

Here’s a reference to California Electrical Code (CEC) Section 310.10:


  1. Allowable wiring methods for residential wood structures:

Section 334.10(A) of the California Electrical Code outlines the allowable wiring methods for use in residential structures. Electrical conductors wire can be used in residential buildings if it is installed in compliance with CEC requirements and within approved wiring methods.

Here’s a reference to California Electrical Code (CEC) Section 334.10(A):


  1. Protection against physical damage:

Section 300.3(A) of the CEC requires that conductors and cables be protected against physical damage. Electrical conductors should be installed in a wiring method that provides sufficient protection. This includes the use of conduit, tubing, metal-clad cable (MC cable), or other approved methods.

Here’s a reference to California Electrical Code (CEC) Section 300.3(A):