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Our goal is to get you off the grid and provide construction improvements that save energy. Solar is only part of the solution. Sometimes it's more cost effective to make improvements to your building and reduce the solar and battery expense.

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We remodel homes with energy savings and technology in mind.

When considering energy-related improvements, a holistic approach that goes beyond just throwing solar at a project is recommended. Instead of solely relying on solar installations, incorporating various energy-saving measures such as upgrading windows, installing heat pump hot water heaters, upgrading HVAC systems, and improving insulation can yield significant benefits.

Upgrading windows to energy-efficient models can enhance insulation, minimize heat transfer, and reduce the need for artificial heating or cooling. Heat pump hot water heaters are highly efficient and use less energy compared to traditional water heaters, leading to cost savings and reduced carbon emissions. Similarly, upgrading HVAC systems to more efficient models can result in lower energy consumption and improved indoor comfort.

Improving insulation is crucial as it prevents heat loss or gain, reducing the need for constant temperature regulation and minimizing energy usage. By addressing insulation issues alongside other energy-saving measures, the overall energy efficiency of a building is enhanced, leading to long-term cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint.

Starting to get an electric bill again?

Don’t get sold and let your solar production get taken! 

While solar power can be part of a sustainable energy plan, it should not be the sole focus. By implementing a variety of energy-related improvements, the overall energy demand of a building can be significantly reduced. This, in turn, may result in a smaller solar system requirements, optimizing the return on investment for both energy efficiency upgrades and solar installations.

In summary, a comprehensive approach that includes energy-saving measures such as window upgrades, heat pump hot water heaters, HVAC improvements, and insulation enhancements is preferable to solely relying on solar installations. By considering a range of energy-related improvements, both the energy efficiency and sustainability of a project can be maximized, leading to long-term financial benefits.

Solar is a major component of the energy savings goal but not all solar is equal.  It’s not all about how many solar panels or even the brand.   There are so many variables to producing your own power but it is certainly less expensive then paying the utility companies in California. Often, it is more cost effective to do some upgrades in your home that allow you to spend less on your solar and battery storage system. 

There are long term strategies to be considered.  Would you like to be off grid in the future or grid independent? Don’t waste your money on the typical solar equipment with exceptional marketing that CAN’T grow with your grid independent goals. It’s may not be as expensive as you might think!

Don’t let the value of typical solar systems quietly get diminished, by rate structure changes that apply to solar system owners. Don’t let your solar production get taken! (See menu “Gird Tied Solar”)

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Get you on the road to energy independence.

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Increase the efficiency of your home and lower the energy demand required!

LED Lighting.

General construciton with all things energy efficient, upgrades, remodels, permits, EV chargers. …

Need Information on your existing electric consumption or solar production. Its called GREEN BUTTON data. Down load your GREEN BUTTON data. This link will show you how you can get your electric energy data from SDG&E even if you already have solar.  GREEN BUTTON


Going green does not mean you have to sacrifice the look. Let's talk about your plans and make use of those cozy spaces in your home.

Exterior Design

Roofs and windows change the look of your house and will reduce how much electricity you use.

Landscape Design

Maybe you would like drought resistant landscape or a rain or grey water system.


Even though it may not be in your budget now, don't buy that inverter twice. Plan your strategy now and grow your energy production.

Power Design

Battery storage will run your house all night so you don't need the grid like you think.

Interior Design

LED lights in the right location or kitchen cabinet doors, or even a little paint will can help with the changes you seek. All while saving electric consumption.