Why does it matter?

Not all inverters are the same. If you ever plan on  going off grid in the future, don’t wast money on traditional inverter limitations. There is no need to spend thousands now, then again in the near future because you decide to install battery storage, back up or supply 100% of your own power. Inverter Link: https://www.sol-ark.com

What you Need


Solar panels produce DC voltage and the inverter changes the DC voltage to AC voltage for your home.

Charge controller

You need this equipment to charge your battery system with solar or a generator.

Surge Capacity

You need a high surge capacity to run air conditioners or motor loads using solar or battery storage.


Monitor your solar and battery on your phone or computer. You can even monitor your electricity consumption.

Critical Load Subpanel

A new panel to separate critical loads like refrigerator, freezer, office equipment and general lighting. This helps keep the light on in case of an outage even if you don't have a battery.

Installing the Solar Inverter: Resource


Automatic Transfer switch

Transfer from Grid to Battery to Solar or even to a Generator automatically. Without interruption. Without the need to manually operate the system. It just does it!

What if?

The grid went down and it's high noon. You say, I have solar. Even though you have solar, systems today do not maintain power to your house. What a waste! Did you know you can keep the power on to your house? With the right equipment you can.

A way to get off the grid

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Our Specialization

Our goal is to determine the level of grid independence you desire today and in the future. We can help you put a plan together that meets your budget.

Get off Grid!


Every house is different and presents unique obstacles. Do you have a garage? Does your power come in over head or underground? Do you have clay roofing tile or a flat roof?


The design is important. High efficiency matters when it come to producing your own off grid solution. We can show you the options.

Future Design

You can plan to be off the grid even if it's not in your budget now. Getting the right equipment now will reduce additional costs in the future and be off-grid ready.