Get your Electric Bill green button Data

The accuracy of day time total usage calculated using SDG&E Green Button data, may be compromised, due to the way solar energy is consumed by your household loads before it reaches the electric meter. The electric meter only records the energy that passes through it in either direction. When solar power travels towards the meter to be recorded, some of that power is consumed by the household loads, and any excess or unused power is then passed to the meter.

Additionally, your actual solar production may be higher than what is recorded by the meter. This is because the energy produced by your solar system is used by your household loads, before it reaches the meter. The net balance is what is left over, after the energy  is consumed by the loads. The meter only records the energy that is unused by your home.

As a result, both a portion of your solar production and a portion of your electric consumption, are not documented at the meter. The Green Button data only reflects what was recorded at the meter in both directions, not what was actually generated or consumed during solar production hours. The value of this data is to identify what has not been off set my your solar system, and identifying the times of high energy consumption by your household loads. This is important in understanding battery storage capacity needed, to cover non solar production hours or solar system short falls. 

What is accurate is all the power utilized from the grid, after the solar system has stopped producing. Solar use to be designed on an annual consumption basis, but not anymore! Time of use has diminished the value of your day time solar production, and battery storage is one of the main ways to achieve grid independence, adding value to your solar production. As of April 2023 the exported value of your solar production has been diminished by 75%. You are better off keeping your solar production by utilizing battery storage. 


To Get your Green Button Data from San Diego Gas & Electric you must first log into your account  at: 


Once you log in click on “Usage



Scroll down and you will see a button that look like this. Go ahead and click on it.


The window will appear and allow you to select the range of your data. Pick a range of data the equal to one full year. Simply go to last year and pick yesterdays date:


Next click on the “DOWNLOAD” button after you have selected 1 year of data. Note the .csv selector that is picked.


Next also click on the the .xml selector and click on the ” DOWNLOAD” button again. 


Send the two files down loaded to your down loads folder and send them to your solar system designer.